Weekly Menu Plan #2

Weekly Meal Plan

Hey! I had big plans to post the weekly meal plan yesterday, and then share two new yummy recipes with you today, but for the past 3 days we have all been sick. I am just now getting to posting this meal plan. As always, this is my actual meal plan for the upcoming week. I try to make things that I have made before and that I know my kids will eat, and then I also like to throw in a couple new meals. That is one of my favorite parts about meal planning is finding new ideas and recipes to try. If you click on the meal it will take you to my ‘menu plan’ board on Pinterest. If you remember from my last post, that is my favorite thing to use for meal planning; make a Pinterest board only for your weekly meal plan, that way during the week you always have it to look at and it helps keep you organized! So, here we go:

Sunday: fish stick tacos w/ jello lush (recipes coming to blog soon! It’ s a kid favorite.)

Monday: ranch flatbread tacos

Tuesday: parmesan chicken & rice pilaf

Wednesday: Cheddar Bay Biscuits Chicken Pot Pie w/ green salad

Thursday: honey lime chicken taquitos, beans & rice, cafe rio sauce

Friday: kitchen closed/leftovers

Saturday: potato soup w/ bread bowls & toppings

  • Tip for bread bowls: I use a frozen rhodes loaf and use the directions on the back of the package for bread bowls. You just slightly thaw the loaf, separate into 3 large balls and let rise for a few hours. Super easy and way cheaper than buying the bread bowls in the grocery store.

Have a great weekend! I hope you find these meal plans useful. Pick two or three, or all of them, and make meal planning super easy.

♥ Jessica


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