Weekly Menu Plan #3

Hello! I'm back with another weekly menu plan. Go check out the new recipes for this week. Don't forget to make your own menu plan to save time & money. Or, just use this one :) I don't mind! I always try to do easy, inexpensive (but still delicious), family friendly recipes. This week, I have added snack & dessert/treat to the weekly menu. Cause, honestly, who can go all week without a bite of dessert?! I am also only planning 5 meals because of some extra things happening with our evenings this week. Happy meal planning! Sunday: Chili Mac & … [Read more...]

Simple Side: Beans & Rice

The perfect complement to any meal. Soft, tender rice cooked in a flavorful broth. This could not be faster or more simple to prepare! If I had to pick 3 foods to eat for the rest of my life, for sure and without a doubt, beans & rice would be my top two. As for the third, it's a toss-up between several different things, but right now I would say some diet dr. pepper :) I know beans & rice is not the most glamorous dish, but they're so good. They're the perfect side to any Mexican food meal. Growing up my favorite dinner was when my mom made tostadas and … [Read more...]

Honey Lime Chicken Taquitos

Golden brown, slightly crispy chicken taquitos that are baked to perfection. No deep frying! They are sweet with a slight flavor kick from the creamy salsa verde & cilantro dipping sauce. So delicious and fun for the kids because they can eat with their hands and dip their food! One of my absolute favorites moments is when we are all sitting at the table, together as family, eating dinner. That is one thing I love about cooking and baking, it brings people together, it brings families together. For a couple of years my husband had a 2+ hour commute, one-way, … [Read more...]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quick Bread

One of my very favorite food blogs is Mel's Kitchen Cafe. I have never made something from her site that was bad, it's all amazing, go check it out. I found this bread recipe from there a couple of years ago and have made it several times since. I don't know about you, but I feel like my kids are constantly hungry and asking for snacks. I don't like buying snack foods and the pre-packaged stuff, they're expensive, they kill my grocery budget, and they're filled with ingredients that I can't even pronounce. Instead, I like to make muffins, quick breads, cookies, granola … [Read more...]

creamy garlic pasta

I have another really yummy, kid-approved dinner idea for you today. This is so easy & it can literally be on your table within 15 minutes........ Last weekend, daylight savings, we set only our oven clock ahead one hour. So, on Sunday I am doing some things at the kitchen table and I look up at the clock on the wall and it said 4:30, and I thought to myself "oh wow, I am doing really good with time today. I still have an hour before I have to start dinner." I was super proud of myself. An hour later, my husband comes upstairs and says to me, "what is your plan … [Read more...]