Pineapple Salsa Chicken Rice Bowls

An easy & delicious 5 ingredient pineapple salsa chicken gets cooked to perfection in the slow cooker. The pineapple adds a nice sweetness. Serve over rice and top with all your favorite taco toppings! This is a family favorite because everyone can customize their own rice bowl with their favorite toppings.  These pineapple salsa chicken rice bowls are only 5 ingredients and the slow cooker does all the work! This is one of our favorite dinners. I love to put the taco toppings in bowls and then lay everything out on the table and serve buffet style. Start with … [Read more...]

Easy Skillet Cashew Chicken

This skillet cashew chicken is really simple, and it's a quick 30-minute meal! Mine took a bit longer than 30 minutes because while making it, my daughter decided it would be a good idea to try and stir the sauce mixture, and it spilled everywhere. My kitchen still smells like soy sauce & sesame oil! So, I had to make another batch of sauce. That girl loves to be in the kitchen helping me, but she just makes a mess of everything. If it wasn't for her cute blond hair and pigtails I might just be a little upset about it ;)  I would suggest putting your rice in … [Read more...]