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Family Approved Menu Plan- Week 2

Share all the delicious recipes!

Family menu plan that your entire family will love! Easy, family approved, simple ingredients, and delicious food to enjoy together!

Family menu plan that your entire family will love! Easy, family approved, simple ingredients, and delicious food to enjoy together!

Hey! So glad you’re here for the family approved menu plan. I’ve gathered up some of my family’s favorite dinner and dessert recipes to share with you all. Menu planning is one of those things that I swear by. It keeps me sane during the chaos and stress of the week when I already have dinner planned and shopped for ahead of time. If I could, I would make everyone menu plan because it really is a sanity saver and a money saver too. Weeks when I don’t menu plan or shop ahead, I end up blowing my grocery budget…… like really badly!

One tip that I always tell people is to create a pinterest board called ‘menu plan’ or ‘to make’….something like that. That way, when you are browsing pinterest or run into a great recipe on a blog, you can just pin it onto that board. When you go to menu plan or try to decide what to make for dinner, all those recipes will be in one spot for you. I love doing it this way and I still do! My pinterest board that I use for dinner ideas and menu planning is called ‘meal plan’ and then I also have one called ‘things to make’.

When I menu plan I sit down with my computer or phone, a piece of paper and a pen. I pick out 5-6 recipes (depending on the week it might be less) that I want to cook for dinner. I write the name of the recipe and then the ingredients that I need to buy for it. My kitchen is fully stocked with spices, flour, sugar, and all the basics so I usually just need produce, meat, dairy, and some canned items.

This way when I go to the store I just grab what’s on my list. Well actually, if I have my kids with me magically Shopkins, Lego sets, 18 lbs of candy, random sugary cereals, canned spaghetti o’ and meatballs, and chocolate milk always seem to appear in the cart too 🙂 I try to go alone because it saves me money, but that’s not always possible especially during the summer.

{be sure and pin this to your ‘menu plan’ board to have easy & quick access to it in the future}

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Ditch the canned spaghetti sauce for this flavorful, beefy, homemade spaghetti meat sauce. Only takes a few minutes  to prepare and then let it simmer for amazing flavor. Serve over pasta noodles with some garlic bread for a delicious dinner that will please everyone.


This is deceptively so easy and quick! Brown some ground meat (beef, sausage, chicken, or turkey) and add some spices and canned ingredients and let it simmer! Serve over hot pasta noodles, parmesan cheese for the top and a side of garlic bread.

This meal comes together in less than 30 minutes! A creamy, cheesy shredded chicken mixture on top of  crunchy french bread. French bread hot chicken hoagies are a quick, easy & family approved meal that everyone will love


Don’t let this plain dinner deceive you. It is so creamy, delicious, cheap to make, and everyone loves it! Think a hot chicken salad on top of crusty and soft French bread.

Turkey taco meat with beans and corn simmers on the stove top. Make a burrito bowl with rice and taco toppings for a delicious dinner!


Flavorful ground turkey taco meat simmers with beans and corn in a beef broth and spice sauce. Make your own burrito bowls with rice, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce, avocado, and anything else you want. These burrito bowls have been pinned over 200,000 times in just a few short months since I posted them and it gets rave reviews.

Taco biscuit bake is an easy & simple one pot meal. Puffed up refrigerated biscuits smothered in a beefy taco mixture and topped with melted cheese. Customize with your favorite taco toppings and you have a delicious dinner that the entire family will love!


Refrigerated biscuits get puffy and soft inside a beef taco mixture. Serve with your favorite taco toppings.

Tender egg noodles, melty cheese, and a creamy tomato ground beef mixture make for one amazing, and family-friendly dinner! The entire family will love this simple and easy creamy beef noodle bake.


Hands down! Our favorite dinner. Have dinner on the table in 30 minutes. Creamy beef noodle bake is THE most popular and viewed recipe on the blog since I posted it over 2 years ago.

Creamy, tart, silky smooth lemon cream with a thick layer of a sweet oatmeal crust, and a good sprinkle of crumble on top. This is for all the lemon lovers out there. These lemon cream crumb bars are perfectly tart, sweet, and crumbly.


These. Are. So. Good!! A buttery oat crust with a creamy lemon filling, and topped with more crumble. This sweet and refreshing lemon dessert is a must make for summer. Or anytime really 🙂

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Family menu plan that your entire family will love! Easy, family approved, simple ingredients, and delicious food to enjoy together!

Share all the delicious recipes!

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