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Valentine’s Day Traditions

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If you love creating traditions and fun activities for the Holidays then I know you will love these ideas. Valentines Day traditions that you can do with your kids that they will talk about all year long!


Growing up my mom was the best at making every and any holiday really special. Most of my memories from childhood center around a particular holiday and traditions that we did. I think I inherited my mom’s gift for that because I love creating memories and starting new traditions for each Holiday; no matter how big or small. I’ve put all our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions in one spot for you all! Pick one, two, or do them all.

Most of these I either do now with my own family or things that I grew up doing. A few are some random ideas that I would like to start. I hope you enjoy these ideas, and feel free to leave me a comment if you have a special Valentine’s Day tradition that you do with your own family ♥ ♥


This is my very favorite one. This one can get a bit expensive but you can make it as cheap or pricey as you want. 

You will need:

small gifts, candy, Valentine’s Day type stuff for each child.

a big box, or individual gift bags for each child

(Growing up my mom would  just use a laundry basket! So, anything will work 🙂 )

Fill the basket or bag with the gift items and candy. Put on the doorstep, ring doorbell and run away! Basically you doorbell ditch.

My kids talk about this all year long. When is cupid going to come? I always just do this sometime during the day on Valentine’s Day; usually in the evening after dinner.


10 VALENTINE'S DAY FAMILY TRADITIONS | 14 acts of love. A fun way to countdown to Valentine's day!

This is a fun way to countdown to Valentine’s Day while teaching your kids kindness and to giver service.

You will need:

construction paper in red, pink, and white

craft sticks or popsicle sticks

a jar to put them in


heart conversation candies as a decorative base

I just found these things in my house, so the only things I had to buy were the candy hearts. Have each child, or you can do this as a family where everyone works together to do the act of love, write 14 things that they want to do to show love to another family member, friends, stranger, or classmate. Then each day the child picks one to do. Once you do all 14 acts of love it’s Valentine’s Day!

 I found this cute heart cut-out thing at JoAnne’s that I used. You could also just cut them yourself or use a stencil.


You will need:

some type of “mailbox” for each child

14 things to put in the mailbox

I buy those $4 mailboxes at Wal-Mart but I have also seen mailbox kits at Target, or just decorate a brown lunch bag with sparkles, hearts, color, etc.

Each day put a love note, small piece of candy, small toy, basically whatever you want into the mailbox. I like using the mailboxes because then I put the flag up when I have delivered it. So, they may come home from school and be excited to see the flag up, or first thing in the morning when they get out of bed.

This is also a good idea if your kids are older and they can put mail in each other’s mailboxes.

HERE and HERE are some cute ideas for mail.


This is a fun and simple activity to do as a family night or even around the dinner table. Once a week we have a family night together and I always do this that night the week of Valentine’s Day.

I found this really cute printable here or just make a list #1-10 on a piece of paper.

There are lots of different ways to do this one:

have each kid fill one out for each of their siblings

 fill it out together for each person in the family

go around and have each person say 1 thing about the specific person the chart is being filled out for, until you get to 10 things

the parent fills these out for each child


You will need:

pieces of felt in various Valentine’s Day colors

This game is just like musical chairs but instead you use a heart that has been cut out from a piece of felt. If you have 6 kids playing you will only need 5 hearts. If you have 4 kids playing you will need 3 hearts……

Place the hearts on the ground in a circle or other pattern, start some music and when the music stops everyone has to be standing on a heart. The person who is not, is out.

Something else I like to do with this is the person who’s out for that round, everyone has to say something they like about that person. It adds a nice spin to the game and it’s good for kids to learn to compliment and say nice things to other kids 🙂 

** you can find the felt squares (same size as a piece of paper) at Wal-Mart or any craft store. They are really cheap, like .40 cents a piece **


Surprise the kids on Valentine’s Day with a special breakfast!

Here are some ideas for a special breakfast:

Cold cereal with pink milk. If you’re not afraid of dye, drop a few drops of red dye into the milk to make a pink color. The kids love this one!

Make pancakes in the shape of the letter “I” and heart (use a cookie cutter) and a “U”. Here is a cute picture to illustrate—- > they did the cooked egg in the heart shape, that is another option.

Toads in a hole (Valentine’s Day edition). Toast a piece of bread in butter in a skillet. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut a heart in the middle of the bread and then crack and egg in it. Cook and then flip over to let cook on other side. Butter both sides of bread. Here is a picture.

Pink smoothie (milk + strawberry yogurt + banana + frozen strawberries)


10 VALENTINE'S DAY FAMILY TRADITIONS | "heart attack" surprise your kids with this fun attack!

Surprise the kids with a “heart attack” on their bedroom door. 

Cut out heart shapes from construction paper and tape the hearts on their bedroom door.


Valentine's Day Minute to Win It Games | Perfect for a Valentine's Day classroom party, party, or at school. Uses common household supplies and conversation heart candy. | Together as Family #valentinesday #valentinesgames #valentinesideas #valentinesdayideas #partygames

These are great for a classroom party at school, a party at the house with friends and/or family, or just a fun activity to do on Valentine’s Day. I posted these yesterday so go HERE to check out the fun games!



This is my kids’ favorite one! They have asked for an entire year when we can “do another fancy restaurant.” 🙂 

For this I go to Wal-Mart and buy some decorations. They have plastic table covers, paper plates, napkins, and cups in really fun heart patterns, and the best part is that they are only .97 cents!

Set the table nicely with the table cover, the paper plate settings, and then I will usually buy a bouquet of flowers for a centerpiece.

Make a menu. I do this by simply typing out a menu on the computer and then I print it off and place the menu on top of the plate. Just have fun with this. I am the chef and my husband is usually the waiter and it’s a really fun time. Put things on the menu that you know your kids like. Now is not the time to put green beans on the menu and force them to eat 🙂 You can also make up cute, fun names for the food. I just use a word document to type mine out. The hardest part about this is obviously making that much food….. but, I figure once a year I can handle it. Or, even order the food out. There really is no wrong way you can do this. The kids will LOVE this no matter what.

Here is the place settings I use. I spent like $6 for all this stuff, and it adds a decorative feel to the restaurant.



Make sugar cookies in the shape of a heart, sugar cookie bars, and/or brownies. I make a pan of brownies (these are our favorite) and then once the brownies have cooled I use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut into the pan of brownies. You end up with brownie hearts.

Have your tray of cookies and brownies and then set up a dessert bar with all sorts of decorations; candy hearts, Hershey kisses, different colored frosting, sprinkles, m&m’s, etc.

This is a fun one with a crowd. Everyone can make their own desert and the kids always love this because they can decorate their own with lots of candy.

I hope you can find something you love from this list. I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t do all of these every year. I’m no super mom! We do the secret cupid and the fancy restaurant every year for sure. I could never forget those. Pick a few of them and try it out. Or, if you have some other fun Valentine’s Day traditions leave me a comment and tell me. I would love to hear about them 🙂 

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