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Menu Plan Monday is a new series on Together as Family that brings you delicious and family-approved dinner ideas for the week. Each menu includes six dinners plus one tasty dessert to enjoy!

A graphic with the meal plan recipe pictures on it.

Anyone else feel like the end of May is busier and more stressful than December?! Every year I forget how busy it gets… but then I am quickly reminded with all the emails about dress-up days at school, end of year performances, dance festivals, papers due, graduation, award ceremonies, plus all the hangouts and activities my kids want to do with friends to celebrate the end of the school year.

But I think we are going to survive – hopefully y’all are hanging in there cause we can do it! Normally I dread summertime because my kids can be high maintenance and I love the break I get during the day when they’re at school. But this year feels different became once summer is over I will have a new middle schooler + a new high schooler! Two big steps coming at us; so I suppose I will savor summer this year a little extra 🩷

And just for fun to throw a curveball at us, my 12 year old daughter broke her arm so that has been a fun little side thing to handle. She needs help washing her hair, brushing her hair, doing her hair, and getting clothes to fit over her cast… and she is my swimmer who practices 5x per week so that has been a challenged for her, trying to learn how to still swim with a broken arm. But she’s so strong and resilient and she’s doing it.

Let’s get into the food! Take a few minutes and plan a few meals for the week, add the groceries to the cart, schedule a pick up, print out the recipes – this way, everything is organized and ready to go during the week when you’re home and need dinner.

A skillet pan with cheesy rice that has been cooked.
Gyros stacked on a white serving plate
A plate serving of this dinner recipe
A croissant on a white plate with chicken salad inside of it and green leaf lettuce.
A serving of this with two forks in the bowl.



Close up of chicken tacos inside flour tortillas.



Pie with whipped cream

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