Meet the Family

Meet The Family

Welcome to Together as Family: Recipes from my family’s kitchen to yours.

I am so happy you are here. I am Jessica and I love to bake, cook, create recipes, photograph food, and browse recipes online.

Here you will find all the food that I make for my own family. The favorite part of my home is the kitchen. Food shows love and that’s why cooking, baking, creating, and sitting at the table Together as Family for dinner is so very important to me. I am very passionate about families, however that looks like for you, sitting together at the table and eating dinner! It can be takeout (which we do plenty) or a homecooked meal. Just eat together! I truly hope I can help you find some recipes that your family will love just as much as mine does. 

I started this blog in April of 2015 as an outlet for me. A hobby. A way to feel connected to my own family & friends who we lived across the country from. I dealt with postpartum depression & anxiety after I gave birth to our daughter in November of 2014. We had just moved across the country after my husband and I both gradated from BYU. I was alone.

It may sound weird but this blog saved me. Being able to connect with so many other moms & women, and also feeling more connected to my own family and support system that we had just left behind when we moved to Maryland. This blog has grown more than I could have ever imagined. I still remember when I hit 50 page views a day. It was a big deal! I could not have even dreamt that this little old blog of mine would be seen by more than 3 million people each month. I have to pinch myself just thinking about it! I love this family food community and I truly wish I could know each of you in real life and bake cookies for you ♥♥

Our days are stressful. I have mom guilt more times each day than I care to admit. Sometimes (usually) I let my kids eat way too much sugar. I have an eternal laundry pile on our couch just begging to be folded each day. My house is a mess. I spend most of my day in the car driving my kids to all their activities. But, the stresses of the day can easily be undone by gathering my family together at the table and eating a home cooked meal. That is my happy place.

I love spending time with my family and traveling. We are currently working on our goal of attending a baseball game at every MLB stadium and attending a football game at every NFL stadium! We love watching football and it’s my dream to go to the Super Bowl at least once – I don’t care who is playing! I love online shopping, spending hours in Sephora browsing, reading cookbooks from cover to cover, and I’m a homebody at heart that just loves to be home 🏡. I will never turn down a ‘soda shop’ run… here in Utah they are a thing and totally delish. I am just here doing my best to raise kind and loving human beings – that love people for exactly who they are without judgements, and who find success and happiness in whatever life path they choose.

My husband, Matt, is an Engineer for a large commercial construction company here in Utah (we have since moved back to Utah from Maryland in the summer of 2018). I stay home with our 4 kids; Carson (14), Ella (12), Madison (9), and Aiden (7). And I cook, bake, write about food, think about food, and photograph food. Family & food is basically my life (and football 😉).

Our Family Favorites

I truly hope you find your own family favorite recipes here on this blog. Here are our all-time personal favorites to get you started. I have made each of these recipe more times than I could even start to count. Enjoy friends ♥ ♥