creamy beef noodle bake

Tender egg noodles, melty cheese, and a creamy tomato ground beef mixture make for one amazing, and family-friendly dinner! The entire family will love this simple and easy creamy beef noodle bake.

Creamy Beef Noodle Bake is a family favorite dinner!

 Do you have a go-to dinner? A dinner that you can make and you know everyone will love it and it will turn out delicious each time….. well, this is mine! Everyone loves it and I can always count on it to be one of those dinners that are peaceful. Meaning my kids don’t whine and cry about having to eat their food. So you can bet that this creamy beef noodle bake gets made several times a month at my house.

Tender egg noodles, melty cheese, and a creamy tomato ground beef mixture make for one amazing, and family-friendly dinner! The entire family will love this simple and easy creamy beef noodle bake.

 It’s seriously so yummy and best of all, really easy! I love trying new recipes and I remember when I first made this several years ago, I did not have high expectations for it because I was not too familiar with egg noodles and the recipe did not seem like it would have much flavor. I found out real fast that I was wrong.

Tender egg noodles, melty cheese, and a creamy tomato ground beef mixture make for one amazing, and family-friendly dinner! The entire family will love this simple and easy creamy beef noodle bake.

This recipe is very versatile too. I have had several readers use some fresh onions, fresh garlic, chopped pepper and cook that with the beef mixture. Other readers have used a can of corn (drained) and mixed that in with the meat. Add in whatever seasonings you prefer; Italian seasoning, basil, oregano, garlic powder, etc. The sky is the limit with this recipe. My family loves the recipe as is but the beauty of this recipe is that it is so adaptable and versatile. I love hearing all your variations to this so please leave me a comment and let me know what you did!

creamy beef noodle bake

Tender egg noodles, melty cheese, and a creamy tomato ground beef mixture make for one amazing, and family-friendly dinner! The entire family will love this simple and easy dish.

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  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 package (12 oz) egg noodles
  • 3/4 cup sour cream
  • 1 container (16 oz) cottage cheese
  • 2 cups grated cheese {I always use Colby Jack}


  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare a 9x13 baking dish and spray with cooking spray.
  2. Cook the ground beef in a skillet until no longer pink. Drain any excess fat.
  3. Add in the tomato sauce, salt, pepper, and onion powder into the meat and let simmer on low while you prepare the rest.
  4. Cook the egg noodles according to package directions [don't forget to salt the water!]
  5. In large bowl, mix together the sour cream and the cottage cheese.
  6. Drain the noodles and pour them into the mixing bowl with the sour cream and cottage cheese. Stir to coat all the noodles.
  7. Pour half the egg noodle mixture into your prepared pan, top with half the ground beef mixture, and then half the shredded cheese. Repeat.
  8. Bake for 20 minutes.


I always cook the egg noodles for 1 minute less than what the package calls for. They will cook slightly more when they bake in the oven.

For best results, don't use low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese or sour cream. Obviously you could to save calories, but taste wise and texture, the dish will suffer.

Sometimes when I make this I will divide it into two 8x8 pans (instead of one big 9x13), cook one right away for dinner and then I will cover the other with aluminum foil and put in the fridge for another night. It will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days. Just bake as directed.


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Tender egg noodles, melty cheese, and a creamy tomato ground beef mixture make for one amazing, and family-friendly dinner! The entire family will love this simple and easy creamy beef noodle bake.

This is my #1 most USED and MUST HAVE kitchen item! It makes chopping up ground meats so easy.

Enjoy your Sunday!


recipe adapted from here

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  1. Dana says

    Can you substitute ricotta for the cottage cheese, no one but me in my house will eat cottage cheese

    • Together As Family says

      I’ve never thought of that one, but I don’t see any reason why it should not work. It would probably change the flavor profile a bit I would imagine. If it helps at all, you can’t taste the cottage cheese. It blends in real nicely with the hot noodles when you mix it together.

      I hope that helps you. Thanks for stopping by!

        • Together As Family says

          So good to hear Dawn! Thanks for coming back and letting people know. I’ve had lots ask about ricotta so this is good info 🙂

          • Ian says

            Yeah… it’s so silky smooth with the ricotta cheese. I also sauteed some fresh sliced mushrooms and tossed it in the mix and it was superb!! 🙂

    • Together As Family says

      I hear you on the easy dinners. This certainly is easy and all my kids will actually eat it without complaining 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving a comment. Have a wonderful weekend, Alli!

    • Together As Family says

      Thank you, thank you! I just came back from vacation all week and was thrilled to see this. Thanks so much. Love your link party. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. Donna says

    I just made this up with my daughter and the house is smelling heavenly!!! Of course, I changed the recipe. I always do. Sigh. Just me. I really should try the recipe before I change it but portabella mushrooms were on sale and onions are always so good. Little fresh chopped garlic……. We are waiting for hubby to get home. We will add some fresh green beans and some hot baked bread and life is good

    Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!!! Blessings to you!!!

    • Together As Family says

      oh good! This is our favorite. So simple but yet so delicious! I love the changes you made. So clever and creative. I don’t think my kids would touch this if I put mushrooms and onions in it 😉 But I would love it! Thanks so much for visiting and for coming back to leave your feedback. Have a great weekend Donna!

      • Donna says

        Thank you, and you too! My family loved the casserole. We have about half of it left and that means I have Sunday’s supper made. Add some veggies and hot bread and it’s a perfect ending to a nice weekend! I will be looking at more of your recipes! Thanks you!

        • Together As Family says

          Thanks Donna! That makes me happy to hear. I normally am not a fan of leftovers, but I look forward to eating the leftovers of this creamy beef noodle bake 🙂

  3. Reba says

    You said that you sometimes refrigerate half for later in the week… Do you think I could freeze the other half?

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Reba! I have never tried freezing it, but I see no reason why it would not work. I am planning on making this soon so I will try freezing half and then coming back and updating the post.
      I’m sure it would be just fine, I would just make sure it is thawed completely before cooking in the oven.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

      • Donna Jennings says

        I’m a bit concerned about leaving the second 6 ” pan in the fridge for 5 days. I think it would be safer to put in the freezer till ready bto use.

        • Together As Family says

          You’re right, freezing would be much safer. If I keep the second pan in the fridge, I always cook it up for dinner within a day or two. Thanks so much for your comment Donna 🙂

          • Anne says

            I have frozen meals and I find it is best to prepare the meal and then freeze it before you cook it. Tastes like a fresh meal when you only cook it once. I think this meal should freeze well because my lasagna has similar ingredients and is great if I prepare it and freeze it before cooking. Then you just thaw it and cook it in the oven when your ready to eat it. The only thing I would suggest if you know you are going to freeze it- cook the noodles for about 3 min. Less time. The noodles will absorb water while they are frozen so if you freeze any meal with pasta- cook them a few min. Less then the directions so they won’t be too soggy.

          • Together As Family says

            Oh, wow! Thanks Anne. I’ve been wondering about freezing this…. ours never makes it that long to freeze it 🙂 Thanks so much for all the information and for leaving your comment. I know it will help a lot of readers, and me included. Thanks again.

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Linda. You probably could. I would make sure it’s fairly softened though. I don’t know if it would bake up creamy like the cottagee cheese + sour cream mixture. It’s always worth a try 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting!

    • Together As Family says

      Thank you Kellie 🙂 This is our favorite and gets made very often. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Kadie says

    i made this dish tonight and thought it was good but I felt it needed something as it was a little bland. Any suggestions?

    • Together As Family says

      Oh shoot! I’m sorry it turned out bland for you. I know some other readers have added chopped onion and chopped green bell pepper to the beef mixture (cook all of it together). That would probably give you much more flavor. My family loves it as written, but I know everyone has different tastes. Try adding the onion and bell pepper 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting and visiting!

      • Vicky says

        I have made this many times with changes. I add chopped onions, garlic, and a can of petite diced tomatoes to the meat and tomato sauce and let it simmer about 1/2 hour. If I want a Tex-Mex flavor I add chili powder and cumin. If I want an Italian flavor I add basil and oregano. We really like this as well as the grand kids.

        • Together As Family says

          Hi Vicky! I love the changes you made. That’s one of the best things about this recipe, it’s so versatile. I really like the idea of the canned diced tomato along with the tomato sauce. Might try that one 🙂 Thanks so much for leaving your comment.

    • Together As Family says

      Also, I have made this before with the ‘light sour cream’ and the lower fat cottage cheese and we noticed a big difference in taste. I always use regular fat sour cream and the higher 4% fat cottage cheese. I know it’s more calories/fat, but we think it tastes better. That’s another option you could try too 🙂

  5. Jeannie says

    This looks & sounds amazing – making my mouth water! As a ‘seasoned’ cook, a person knows when there’s a good blend of ingredients . Am adding the ingredients to my grocery list for this week.

    • Jeannie says

      P.S…I’m with you on the NOT using ‘light’ products – I agree 100% that you need the ‘real deal’ to get the best flavor.

      • Together As Family says

        haha 🙂 Thanks. It really does make a huge difference in taste and final outcome of the dish.

    • Together As Family says

      Thank you so much Jeannie! You’re so sweet. I hope you love it as much as we do 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  6. Brittany K says

    I made this tonight for supper! Hubby loved it and went on and on about how good it was, my 22 month old had 2 helpings and he’s been on a no meat phase, and my 8 month old devoured it. I made it as directed, except added ½ an onion to the meat while cooking, 1 tbsp of pizza seasoning to the sauce mixture and use probably 3c of cheese. I did half and half cheddar and mozzarella. There are only 2 servings left of the whole recipe!!

    • Together As Family says

      Yay! I’m SO happy you all loved it. Don’t you love it when the kids eat dinner with no problems?! My kids devour this stuff too. I like your idea of more cheese, you can never have too much cheese 🙂 Thanks so much for coming back and commenting. Have a great weekend!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Michelle! I have not had a chance to freeze it yet. We always eat the second pan like the next night 🙂 I see no reason why you couldn’t freeze it. I would suggest double wrapping it in tin foil and thawing it completely once you’re ready to cook it in the oven. I hope that helps you. Thank you so much for visiting!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Ann! You could try ricotta cheese or cream cheese. I can’t vouch for what they would taste like, because I have only ever used the cottage cheese when I make this.
      If you try cream cheese, I would make sure it’s softened first.
      Also, once it bakes, you won’t even be able to tell there is any cottage cheese in there at all. It sort of melts into the noodles and turns into a creamy type sauce with the sour cream.
      Let me know if you try it and if your substitutions worked out 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

  7. says

    Can this recipe be made up to just before baking and then frozen? I like the idea of being able to thaw it on the counter during a busy Winter day and then just pop it in the oven.

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Shonna! I have never done that but I do know that all the ingredients can be frozen with no problem. So, I see no reason why you could not freeze the casserole and let thaw before baking 🙂 I hope that helps. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • Together As Family says

      I have never tried freezing it, but I see no reason why it would not freeze well. Just make sure it is thawed before cooking 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  8. Barb says

    Made this for dinner tonight. I added fresh sautéed onions and garlic. A little Worcestershire sauce and sharp cheddar cheese. My husband loved it! I added some red pepper flakes to mine. I loved it! Thank you for the recipe!

    • Together As Family says

      Yay! I’m so happy you loved it! This is hands down, the dinner I make the most in my house. Worcestershire sauce sounds like a really good addition. I’ve never added the onion and garlic, but maybe I will try it. Thanks so much Barb for coming back to leave your comment 🙂

  9. Jacqueline says

    I made this by adding onion and green pepper to the beef mixture and added Italian seasoning to the tomato sauce. I also used ricotta cheese mixed with Italian seasoning instead of cottage cheese. It tastes AMAZING! Thanks so much for the wonderful recipe!

    • Together As Family says

      That’s wonderful the ricotta worked with this recipe. I have had many readers ask about using ricotta, so now I know 🙂 Thanks so much, Jacqueline, for coming back to leave your comment! And I love the idea of the Italian seasoning with this dish. Yum!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Susan. I don’t think this recipe would work in a skillet. There is not enough liquid in the meat mixture to cook the egg noodle.

    • Together As Family says

      Hi April. I honestly don’t know what you could use instead. I’m trying to think but the only thing I can think of would be a cream of mushroom soup?? You do need something to add to the beef mixture, otherwise I worry it would be way too dry. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

  10. Sheri says

    I made this tonight and it was really good. As I usually do with most recipes, I made a few changes. I did use fat free cottage cheese and sour cream and it worked great. I added minced garlic and a chopped big red onion (love onions) in with the meat while browning and some extra spices. I also used salt free tomato sauce. This recipe is a keeper, thanks!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Sheri! Great changes. Your version is definitely much healthier 🙂 Thanks for coming back to leave your feedback.

  11. andrea says

    this is truly delish AND easy and I mean easy……………… 4:30 I had to run to store to get a couple of items needed and it was ready at a perfectly acceptable meal time for family. one thing I will change- I’m going to give the cottage cheese a couple of whirls in the blender. a couple of my kids have issue with white lumps in food but I’m certain if that had been addressed there would be NO issue b/c they still ate it (with comments).
    thanks for sharing an honest recipe regarding ease and taste:)

    • Together As Family says

      Thank you so much Andrea! I love the idea of blending the cottage cheese. I had never thought of that. I love the creaminess the cottage cheese adds to this dish, so blending it would solve the problem for those that don’t like the texture. Thank you so much for coming back with your comment and input. I really appreciate it and I always love hearing from those who have tried recipes 🙂 This is a dish that I still make at least 1-2 times per month. We love it!

  12. Nicole says

    Hello Jessica, I would really love to try this recipe because it looks so good but I have one problem my husband & daughter are lactose intolerant so I was wondering if there’s anything that you would recommend that I can use to substitute the sour cream & cottage cheese. Thank you

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Nicole! I am not sure. My best idea would be to just not substitute it with anything and use the cooked noodle (skip the step where you add it to the cottage cheese/sour cream mix). It could be drier that way so I would maybe also add more tomato sauce. Hopefully that helps. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  13. Cheesy says

    I made this last night. ( Halloween )… We called it Ghoul-losh lol
    Due to the fact no one makes GF egg noodles I broke up GF lazagna noodles and cooked those. It was very good and it is like a mild cheesy lasagna. I reheats well also.. I had it for breakfast!! lol
    I made it in a Corning deep casserole.

    • Together As Family says

      I love the name for Halloween! It’s perfect. That is a perfect way to describe this dish; mild cheesy lasagna. And a lot easier too 🙂 I agree with the reheating well. I don’t like many leftovers, but this is one leftover that I LOVE.

  14. Jessica says

    Have you ever done this recipe without the cottage cheese or can you suggest a replacement? The hubby cannot stand cottage cheese

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Jessica. I have not made this recipe without the cottage cheese. Some have substituted ricotta cheese, and one reader even blended up the cottage cheese. If it helps at all, your husband probably would not even be able to tell that there is cottage cheese in this. Once it cooks and melts into the noodles, it does not resemble cottage cheese much. You could also try cream cheese. Just make sure its really soft when you add the noodles to it. Hope that helps 🙂

  15. Jessica says

    Thank you!! I think I am just going to try it with the cottage cheese and see how that goes. Cannot wait to try this recipe.

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Nicole! I’ve never omitted it or substituted something in it’s place. Maybe add some more cottage cheese if you have it, 4 oz (1/2 a block) of cream cheese….. that is all I could think of. You also could just omit it. I *think* it would still turn out great.

      • Nicole says

        Thanks so much! Ive made this before and absolutely love it! But I should have looked at the recipe before I grocery shopped lol! I may try the cream cheese, I do have that. Also thanks for the tips on the yogurt too!

        • Together As Family says

          You’re very welcome. I always forget stuff on my list too. Luckily, we live like 2 minutes from a grocery store. I think they know me by name now….. 🙂

  16. Kendra says

    I just made this! Can’t wait to try it! The only thing I would suggest is to double the recipe to fill a 9×13 pan. Mine looks half full and the meat sauce barely covered each layer.

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Kendra. That’s a great suggestion. I’ve never tried that, but I’m thinking it may be too full if you double it for a 9×13 pan?? My dish is never full either, and once it bakes the sauce and cheeses all come together nicely. Let me know how it turns out! I hope you love it as much as we do 🙂

    • Cameron Maxwell says

      I feel I had the same issue. But not double the whole recipe just the meat sauce. I’m really quite surprised that this is the first comment about the meat to noodle ratio. Next time I will double and should be perfect.

      • Together As Family says

        I agree. If you do want to double the meat, I think that would be delish, but for sure I would not double anything else. Thanks for coming back and leaving your feedback Cameron.

  17. Brandy says

    We tried this recipe tonight. I knew that it was going to be lacking in flavor so I added basil, oregano, & parsley to the meat sauce as it simmered. You could also use Italian Seasoning. The only problem I had was the cooking time. 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven is not nearly enough. I would suggest leaving it in the oven for at least 30 – 40 minutes. This will allow the cottage cheese to get to it’s melting point.

    • Together As Family says

      I love your addition of spices. That’s one of my favorite things about this recipe is that you can make it your own. We love it as is, but I know others have changed it up to their liking. As far as the cooking time goes, everything is already cooked when you put it in the oven, so I would be really cautious about leaving it in there longer than 20 minutes. There is not enough liquid in the casserole and because of that I’m afraid the egg noodles would burn to the bottom of the pan. I’ve never had a problem with the cooking time and I still make this at least 2x a month. Was your dish in the fridge first before you cooked it? Because that could change the cooking time. Thanks so much for coming back to leave your feedback 🙂

      • Brandy says

        My dish was never in the fridge. It just ended up tasting like I stuck a bunch of raw ingredients into a casserole dish and served it up. The sour cream and raw cottage cheese was the main flavor there.

        • Together As Family says

          Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I only mention the fridge because if I make mine ahead of time I will stick it in the fridge and then it needs about 5+ extra minutes of cooking time. Thank you for leaving your feedback 🙂

  18. Jenna says

    This is one of my family’s favorites! I’ve been making it for a couple years now. The only difference is I chop up a couple green onions and toss them in with the egg noodles mixture along with a big dose of black pepper. It’s amazing!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Jenna. Oh my, I love the idea of green onions. They would bring so much flavor I bet. I may try it next time I make this 🙂

  19. Jessica says

    This was good, but not great. It was kind of just a creamy-kind of like lasagna-slightly bland dinner. My family said they liked it, but I thought it was just ok. I didn’t have a can of tomato sauce so I blended a can of stewed tomatoes as a substitute. I also used ricotta cheese versus the cottage cheese.

    • Together As Family says

      Hey Jessica. Sorry to hear it did not turn out amazing! Stewed tomatoes have a thinner consistency than tomato sauce, so I am guessing that did not help in the bland taste. Also, try it with the cottage cheese. It provides more flavor than the ricotta. I’ve always thought ricotta cheese is bland with no flavor. Thanks so much for coming back to leave your feedback 🙂

  20. Amanda says

    I made this using plain Greek yogurt (vs sour cream) and part skim ricotta (not cottage cheese). I added onion, zucchini and red bell pepper as well as Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese.

    • Together As Family says

      I love your additions and changes Amanda. Greek yogurt and skim ricotta cheese would definitely help cut down on calories 🙂 Thank you for coming back to leave your feedback.

  21. Kate says

    This has become a staple in our house – I make it a couple times a month. My 4yo gobbles it up and so that ALWAYS makes it a welcome recipe in my book. 🙂 I season it up with italian seasoning, garlic/onion salt, parsley etc as we like things a little more flavorful and I liken it to a lasagna flavor without all the work. I’m wondering how it would taste with mexi-flavors instead? I may get brave one of these days and try that. I also use my immersion blender to smooth out the cottage cheese/sour cream mixture. A keeper for sure!! Thank you!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Kate! I am so happy to hear it’s become a favorite. I still make it at least twice a month too. My kids gobble it up as well, so it’s def one of those meals that I know there won’t be any whining over 🙂 Mexi-flavors actually sound amazing. Use some salsa and maybe add some black beans?? Now I want to try it 🙂

    • Ian says

      Try it with some ricotta cheese!! It’s so super creamy and smooth!! No need for the immersion blender!! 🙂

    • Together As Family says

      Hey Linda. I’m sure you could. I’ve never done it so I can’t promise that it will turn out as yummy as the original recipe 🙂 Just make sure you substitute the same amount of whatever noodles you use.

  22. Lisa says

    I made this yesterday. I’m another one of those cooks that can’t follow a recipe exactly. I doubled the meat mixture. I live with carnivores. I added onion, garlic, parsley and a can of Rotel tomatoes. I also used extra Colby Jack cheese. It was great! Thanks for posting.

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Lisa! I’m so glad you loved this. My husband and son would be so happy if I doubled the meat mixture 🙂 Great additions too.

  23. EB says

    FIVE STARS my grandparents are just about as picky eaters as kids, and they LOVED this! We ate the entire thing by ourselves. Added a fresh tomato from our garden and an onion to give it a little extra and it was not a disappointment. Five stars!

    • Together As Family says

      So good to hear EB! My family of 5 devours this too 🙂 Thanks for coming back to let me know.

  24. says

    Can you make it without cottage cheese? Sounds good but I don’t have that available right now.. Also, do you think it would taste good with cheddar cheese as the cheese..? A anyway sounds delish, I’ll try it as soon as I get answer! Lol I’m no cook, and I don’t want it to be gross, and I don’t know what’s good and what’s not!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Ruth! I have made this probably hundreds of times and I have never used anything but the cottage cheese. I would recommend using it for sure! But, I have other people comment and say that they used ricotta cheese and it worked. Me personally, I think ricotta cheese is very bland which is why I love the cottage cheese in this dish. As far as the cheese goes, yes cheddar would be an excellent choice. I usually always buy colby jack cheese so that is why I wrote that in the recipe. But, any cheese can be used with great results. I hope you give it a try. It’s a super easy recipe (and yummy!) that even beginner cooks could pull off. Let me know how you like it 🙂

    • Katie says

      I didn’t have cottage cheese (none to be had where I live overseas) so I used a mix of ricotta, herbed cream cheese, and sour cream. I also used mimolette (similar to cheddar) and gouda (similar to Colby)in place of the Colby Jack. It came out great!

  25. Katie says

    I made this for lunch yesterday, with some slight modifications to suit what I had on hand, and it was a hit! This recipe is definitely a keeper. Thanks!

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Katie. So good to hear! That is why I love this recipe because it’s so versatile. Thanks for stopping by with your comment 🙂

    • Together As Family says

      I would recommend not freezing it because of the cottage cheese it has in it. Dairy does not freeze and then thaw/cook well. You could always try and let me know 🙂

  26. says

    This recipe was really good! I substituted lentils for the beef (bought in a 1 lb package steamed from trader joes) and added fresh parsley, garlic and oregano to the sauce. Added parm cheese with the noodles. Hubby approved, will definitely make again!

    • Together As Family says

      Yum! I love lentils but don’t make them often (not sure why!). I love all the herbs and spices you added too. Great additions. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know.

  27. Lynn Brown says

    We love the recipe but it is very frustrating trying to use the website when an advertisement takes over the page and I have to completely exit the page and get back in. Happened three times in the short time it takes to make the recipe. I understand that advertising pays for your website but this is ridiculous.

    • Together As Family says

      Hi Lynn. I am so sorry about the ad. I had no idea the ads were doing that and yes that would be very frustrating. I apologize. I’ve had problems with this ad company and was in the middle of changing from them but then we had our baby and things have been crazy since. Thank you for your comment and letting me know. It will all be fixed soon. I am so glad your family loves the recipe. It’s one of our favorites too. Have a great day 🙂


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