Slow Cooker Apple Cider Beef Stew

This slow cooker apple cider beef stew is a set it & forget it meal. A creamy, thick brown gravy & beef broth base with tender, chunky vegetables and fall-apart beef that cooks in the slow cooker all day. The apple cider adds some sweetness and is a nice twist to traditional beef stew.  In honor of the huge bags of apples we picked at the orchard this past weekend, I have decided that this week is APPLE WEEK on the blog. We have a ton of apples & one family can only eat so many apples a day :) So here's to some delicious apple recipes on the blog this … [Read more...]

French Onion Cheeseburgers

Grilled fresh ground beef patties, onion soup mix, creamy bbq sauce, carmelized onions, melty cheese, and crispy potato chips all combine to make one amazing, and surprisingly easy burger.   I have to start out this post by telling you something about me...... I do not care for meat. The only time, and I truly mean ONLY time, I eat hamburgers is when I am pregnant, and when we make these :) I like chicken (If I cook it) and I like ground turkey and ground chicken, and I can handle ground beef if it is mixed in with something. I have never had a steak in my … [Read more...]

Baked Double Decker Tacos

Copycat version of Taco Bell's double decker taco. Soft flour tortilla layered with refried beans on the outside, crispy corn tortilla inside filled with a creamy & seasoned beef mixture. Top with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and avocado chunks and you have the yummiest taco night ever! I have fond memories of Taco Bell. I grew up, until age 14, in Idaho. My dad owned a landscape business and on Saturdays the older siblings (me included) would go out and mow lawns with him. My favorite part of those work days would always be when he would take us to Taco … [Read more...]