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Candy Corn Punch is a layered drink recipe that’s perfect for Halloween! Layers of punch and soda get stacked on top of each other inside a glass cup to resemble a candy corn. You’ll love this fruity and sweet candy corn beverage that’s perfect for kids. 

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Punch drink inside a glass cup.

Layered Candy Corn Punch Recipe (Halloween Party Punch)

This layered punch that looks like candy corn is a favorite Halloween tradition at my house. Fun to make, lots of ways to switch it up, and who doesn’t love a layered drink that’s perfect for the kids to drink. 

The secret to a layered drink is the sugar content! The bottom layer should have the highest sugar, the middle layer should have less sugar than the bottom, and the top layer should be a zero sugar drink. We love making this drink for Halloween dinner or serve it at a party or gathering. 

Overhead shot of a cup of punch with ice in it.

Ingredients To Make It

This layered punch only needs 3 different types of drinks. One orange juice/drink/soda, a yellow colored one, and then finally a zero sugar white colored drink. You can mix & match, use different juices or sodas, as long as the sugar content is layered from highest to lowest. 

  • Fanta Orange Soda : I know traditionally yellow is the bottom color of candy corn, but it’s not easy finding a yellow soda. They do make a Fanta pineapple flavor that is yellow so if you can find that, then that would be perfect for the yellow layer in candy corn. 
  • Tangy Original Sunny D : This has the middle amount of sugar (less than Fanta but more than the zero sugar drink on top). There are lots of options here like pineapple juice, orange gatorade, etc. 
  • Zero Sugar White Gatorade (Glacier Cherry) : Whatever you put as the top layer needs to be a sugar-free or zero sugar drink. Typically you can use Gatorade, Powerade, or the lemonade flavor of Vitaminwater. 
  • Ice : This is important! This helps the layers separate from each other and it keeps the drink cold!

Ingredients on a white background for this punch recipe.

How to Make a Layered Drink for Halloween

It’s so easy to make this layered punch recipe! Be sure and read to the bottom of this post where there is a printable recipe card and a pin it button so you can save it for later. 

  • Ice : Fill any size glass cup, or clear plastic cup, with ice cubes. 
  • Orange Layer : Slowly pour the Fanta orange soda into the cup. Filling the cup about 1/3 of the way. 
  • Yellow Layer : Pour the Sunny D over the back of a spoon to fill the second layer. 
  • White Layer : Again using the back of the spoon trick, pour the white zero sugar layer until it’s at the top of the cup. 
  • Rest : Let the drink sit for 30 seconds to 1 minutes so the layers can become more defined. 

Process photos for how to make this halloween punch with two step by step photos for the directions.

Process photos for how to make this halloween punch with two step by step photos for the directions.

Recipe Tips

  • Layered Drinks : The reason these layered drinks work is because the highest sugar content is on the bottom, the middle sugar content next, and then finally the zero sugar content is at the top. This only works if you make sure that the drinks are layered in order of highest sugar to lowest sugar. The drinks listed in the recipe are the combo that my family loves. But they can be switched out with anything you prefer. 
  • Fanta : You can replace this with any orange colored soda, punch, or juice. Make sure to get the full-sugar variety and also make sure it has more sugar per serving than the other two layers. You can use orange full-sugar gatorade, Hawaiian Punch orange ocean juice, Sunkist, etc. 
  • Sunny D : Again, use any yellow colored punch or soda you want, but make sure it has the middle sugar content amount. Meaning less sugar than the bottom layer but more sugar than the top layer. You can also use orange juice, yellow punch like a tropical punch, yellow gatorade, etc.
  • Zero Sugar Gatorade : For the top layer make sure that you are using something with zero sugar in it. We like the white gatorade (glacier cherry flavor) but there are so many options here. The zero sugar lemonade from Vitaminwater works well. 
  • Clear Cup : It’s imperative that you use a glass cup or clear plastic cups for this drink. 
  • Let It Sit : When you first make each cup the layers will not be as defined. I promise, if you let it sit for a 1-2 minutes, then the layers will get more defined. You also want to use the spoon trick (in the recipe) and that helps with the layers being more defined. 

A glass cup with layered punch inside of it.

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Punch drink inside a glass cup.
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Candy Corn Punch

Author Jessica - Together as Family
Course Drinks, Halloween
Cuisine American
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 1
Candy Corn Punch is a layered drink recipe that's perfect for Halloween! Layers of drinks get stacked on top of each other inside a glass cup to resemble a candy corn. You'll love this fruity and sweet candy corn punch that's perfect for kids. 


  • Fanta Orange Soda
  • SunnyD Tangy Original
  • White Gatorade Zero Sugar (glacier cherry flavor)


  • Fill a glass cup OR clear plastic cup with ice.
    * I recommend using between a 16oz - 24oz cup. You can go smaller but the layers are easier to see in the larger size cup.
  • Pour some orange Fanta soda into the cup, filling it up about 1/3 of the way. Let it sit for a few seconds so the soda can drain through the ice.
  • Pour the SunnyD into the cup, over the back of a spoon, filling the cup another 1/3 of the way.
    * The spoon is important. Hold a dinner spoon upside down over the cup. As you pour the drink in, make sure to pour it over the back of the spoon. This helps the drink go into the cup gentle which will help the layers.
  • For the final layer pour the zero sugar white gatorade, over the back of a spoon, to fill up the cup.
  • You can serve right away or let the drink sit for about 20-30 seconds so the layers can become more defined.


Tip : There are no amounts listed for each drink in the recipe because it depends on what size cup you are using, and how many servings you need. If you are only making a few, then the smaller bottles of each rink would work fine. If you are making lots of them, then you probably want the full-size jugs or bottles of each drink. 
Cup : Use a tall glass cup or clear plastic cups. Typically, I suggest using between a 16 oz - 24 oz cup. Of course, you can use a smaller cup (8 oz - 12 oz) but the layers are easier to see in the larger size cup. 
Serving Tip : These drinks can sit for a few minutes but I recommend making them as you are serving them, or make them right before the part starts or something. As the drinks sit there for an extended amount of time, the ice cubes will melt and water down each layer, meaning that the layers won't be as defined. Don't just skip the ice to prevent this! The ice helps keep the layers separated and it keeps the drink cold. 
Sugar Content : These layered drinks work because the sugar content is layered by highest to lowest. Use whatever you want for each layer but make sure the sugar content (per serving) is stacked highest to lowest. The top layer should be a white drink of any kind that is zero sugar or sugar-free. 

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