{healthy, no sugar added} 3 Ingredient Cookies

Try these healthy, no sugar added 3 ingredient cookies to fix your sweet tooth and need for a cookie, while still eating healthy! So simple and fast to make. I've seen "healthy" cookies all over pinterest and I always roll my eyes. I mean, really?!? A healthy cookie. Well, I tried making my own and I'll be honest and say I was pleasantly surprised. You trick your brain into thinking you're actually eating a cookie when in reality it's just oats and bananas and some mix-ins. It's a good thing these are healthier because I ended up eating 6 of these little … [Read more...]

10 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

The Christmas season would not be complete without baking up lots of goodies! Add some of these 10 best Christmas cookies to your own baking list. These are all family favorites and have been made plenty of times in my home. As a little girl I remember my mom baking up lots of goodies and then putting them on plates for friends and neighbors. We would usually end up delivering them on Christmas Eve. Our car was loaded with plates full of cookies and treats for us to deliver. Good memories :)  Now that I have a family of my own I am doing the same thing. Well, some … [Read more...]

Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies

The perfect peppermint treat for Christmas! An easy, buttery and deliciously soft shortbread dough twisted into the shape of a candy cane!  These peppermint candy cane cookies are made at least two or three times around Christmas at my house every year. I am not even lying when I say that the first batch of these cookies were gone within the afternoon In my defense, I was busy with the baby so I think my kids took advantage of not having mom around. So they ate all the cookies :)  The dough is an easy, buttery and super soft shortbread dough.... although I think … [Read more...]

Triple Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Cookies made fast and easy with a cake mix. Three kinds of chocolate; chocolate cookie, milk, chocolate, and white chocolate.

Three kinds of chocolate make these triple chocolate cake mix cookies a very special sweet treat! Great for a Holiday cookie plate, a fun treat, or a delicious way to cure a chocolate craving. Chocolate cake mix, white chocolate chips, and milk chocolate chips! Once December hits I get so excited because that means it's Holiday baking time! Expect lots of sweet treats on the blog this month :) My husbands c0-workers will be excited because they'll be getting lots of treats!  Since having our 4th baby two weeks ago I have not cooked at all. In fact, I think it's … [Read more...]

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

You can't go wrong with a giant chocolate chip cookie! A 12" chocolate chip cookie that is fun for a sweet treat, to celebrate any occasion, or even a non-cake birthday dessert. My kids request this for their birthday cake instead of cake! Today my daughter turns 5! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet little Ella. My kids love this giant chocolate chip cookie and actually request it for their "birthday cake". I love that it is so customizable too! I've used to celebrate the first day of school, celebrate birthdays, Holidays, and just for a sweet treat that we all need once in a … [Read more...]