Cookies n’ Cream Oreo Brownies

Delicious chocolatey, chewy, Oreo filled brownies with an easy cookies n’ cream candy bar as frosting! You could even make this easier by using a boxed brownie mix!  

COOKIES N" CREAM BROWNIES- homemade (or boxed brownies) with a super easy CANDY BAR frosting!

 One of our favorite treats are these homemade brownies. They are *almost* as easy as a boxed brownie mix. One bowl, a whisk, and a spatula is all you need. You don’t even need to pull out the big, heavy mixer for them.

The cookies n’ cream candy bars are also my daughters favorite. Like ever! She loves them so much that one of her “rewards” for staying in her bed all night is that she gets a tea party with one of these candy bars the next day. We call them ‘tea party chocolate’ 🙂

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and while I am not a fan of red velvet….. I kept thinking how insanely GENIUS it is to put a candy bar on top of the brownies right after they come out, let it soften, and then spread it around with a table knife. As the brownies cool and sit out, the candy bar frosting layer will harden back up. My mind is racing with all the ‘candy bar frosting’ possibilities!

COOKIES N" CREAM BROWNIES- brownies stuffed with Oreo cookies and a CANDY BAR frosting!

I mean, seriously! Drool. And, in my opinion, you cannot have anything cookies n’ cream without Oreo cookies. Naturally, I had to stuff Oreo cookies between the brownies 🙂

Cookies n' Cream Oreo Brownies


  • 1 recipe Homemade Brownies
  • 8 Hershey's (1.55 oz) Cookies n' Cream candy bars
  • Oreo cookies


  1. Prepare brownies as directed by recipe. Use either the brownie recipe above, your own favorite recipe, or a box of brownies.
  2. Pour half the frosting into your baking dish, spread it around. Layer Oreo cookies (your desired amount) over the frosting. Top with remaining frosting and gently spread it around over the Oreo cookies.
  3. When brownies are done cooking, take them out and let them sit for 2-3 minutes while you unwrap the chocolate bars. Place cookies n' cream bars on top of the cooked brownies. You may have to break some pieces to cover all the brownie with the candy bar.
  4. After 10 minutes the chocolate will soften enough that you can use a table knife and spread it around.


If you are making a full brownies recipe (9x13 pan) you will need 8 candy bars. If you half the recipe (8x8 pan) you will need 4 candy bars

The cookies n cream candy bars are the checkout stand size ones

Today’s Friday. So, I think it’s totally appropriate to celebrate with these beauties. Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Katie Black says

    Oh wow! I’m not a big brownie fan but I LOVE cookies and cream candy bars. Ella and I will have to have a tea party next time we see ya and I might like the brownie a lot more with the candy bar on top, just might have to try these out!

    • Together As Family says

      What?!? I didn’t know you’re not a brownie fan. Crazy! 🙂 The melted chocolate bar on top is like amazing. It’s the best part. Ella would LOVE to have a tea party….. with tea party chocolate of course!

    • Together As Family says

      Thanks Debbie! It’s like my 3 favorite things in life 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

  2. says

    Ohhhhh wow! That frosting is making my mouth water! Cookies and Cream Candy bars are by far my very favorite! I am pinning this for later!

    • Together As Family says

      Those cookies n cream bars are my favorite too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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