Kid Craft: 4 Leaf Clover Handprints

With St. Patrick's Day coming up I wanted to do some fun craft projects with my kids for the Holiday. We already made these rainbows, go check them out too. We did these 4 Leaf clover hand prints and the kids loved them. I think it was so fun for them because they got to have paint all over their hands and be messy. I don't know about you, but I just can't really get into celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I can totally do the green food and cute crafts but that is about it. I think that is why I love all Holidays, because it gives me an excuse to make cute food and … [Read more...]

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Microwave Mug Brownie

I have to say that I am really excited to share this recipe today. This is something that I have made several times and it is so yummy! My kids love having a sweet treat, especially my little girl who could eat chocolate every second of the day. They are always asking to make brownies or cookies, but I don't like to have 4 dozen cookies or an entire pan of brownies just sitting there in the kitchen staring at me, begging me to come eat them. This recipe has been awesome because when my little girl NEEDS some chocolate and peanut butter (which, by the way she eats … [Read more...]

root beer mud sodas

What is it about odd named and weird looking food that kids love? I mean, my kids go crazy about worms in dirt (pudding + gummy worms), eye ball meatballs for Halloween, mummy wrapped hot dogs, or bug juice (green punch with plastic toy bugs in it). Just by the name of this drink you know it is something the kids are going to love. I mean, MUD, what kid doesn't want to drink something called mud soda?! I have had this recipe from Pillsbury bookmarked for at least a couple of years now. I think it was the strange combination of root beer + chocolate milk, I don't … [Read more...]

Kid Craft: Make a RAINBOW

Now that my oldest is in preschool, he has really started to love doing crafts, coloring, cutting, painting, and all that fun stuff. On the one hand I am so happy he likes to do crafts and projects and wants to be creative, but on the other hand it can sometimes be a stressful thing. He will ask me at least once a week after preschool, "Mom, what craft do you have for us? My teacher had lots of crafts." Then I start to feel guilty because I know that I have spent the last few days trying to catch up on laundry and clean the house, all the while he has been watching his … [Read more...]

Springtime Goody Bars

Are you guys ready for spring yet? I sure am. Currently, we have about a foot of snow in our yard. Luckily, it is supposed to warm up for the next few days here in Maryland. Just last week we had the coldest week ever in the month of February, or so the weather people say..... I get so tired of bundling up 3 kids in coats, hats, gloves just to drive 5 minutes to take my oldest to preschool. And then, right when the kids walk in the door they drop everything on the floor. That mess combined with the wet and snowy shoes is just too much. I can't wait for the sunshine, … [Read more...]