Spider Cracker Snacks

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These spider crackers are the perfect after school snack or for a Halloween party classroom treat! Kids will love making their own spider and eating it too! Only a few easy ingredients (that you probably already have) are needed to make these spooky snacks!

 SPIDER CRACKER SNACKS | ritz crackers, peanut butter, pull n' peel licorice, and m&m's! www.togetherasfamily.com

I am loving this HALLOWEEN WEEK!! All the cute holiday foods are the reason I love holidays so much! Did you catch the last two posts from this week?



If your kids are anything like mine, they love to eat! Since starting kindergarten my son has become an eating machine! I always have to have something in mind for after-school because he is always starving. I had these spider crackers waiting for him and he was so excited. 

SPIDER CRACKER SNACKS | www.togetherasfamily.com

 These make the perfect Halloween snack or even a great Halloween party school snack. Although, there is peanut butter and I know a lot of schools (ours included) are peanut-free.

I used mini m&m’s for the eyes but feel free to use anything; raisins and chocolate chips are a couple substitutes I can think of.  I used a tube of white frosting to “glue” the eyes on, you could also use additional peanut butter.

Spider Cracker Snacks

There are no exact measurements. Just use as much as you need for the amount of spiders you want to make.

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  • Ritz crackers
  • Peanut butter
  • Pull n' Peel Licorice
  • Mini m&m's, raisins, or chocolate chips for eyes
  • White frosting tube (or additional peanut butter) to "glue" the eyes on


  • Spread peanut butter on one cracker. Place licorice strings on top of peanut butter for the spider legs. Place a dab of peanut butter on another cracker and place on top (peanut butter side down) of the other one. Press together lightly. Dab some frosting, or additional peanut butter, on the top cracker and place the eyes on it.

I hope you get a chance to try these easy, festive snacks 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to come back for the rest of the HALLOWEEN WEEK ideas! Enjoy, friends! xoxo



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