Slow Cooker Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

Slow Cooker Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

This cheesy spinach artichoke dip could not be simpler or easier! Just combine a few ingredients into the slow cooker and let it do all the work. This dip will be ready in just a couple of hours. Serve with baguette slices, crackers, or tortilla chips for a delicious appetizer or snack.  The last 48 hours have been a whirlwind here at the house. We got home from the hospital with baby #4. He was born healthy & has the squishiest, fattest face you ever did see :) It's funny how you forget what life is like with a newborn. No sleep. Spending all day changing … [Read more...]

Pineapple Salsa Chicken Rice Bowls

An easy & delicious 5 ingredient pineapple salsa chicken gets cooked to perfection in the slow cooker. The pineapple adds a nice sweetness. Serve over rice and top with all your favorite taco toppings! This is a family favorite because everyone can customize their own rice bowl with their favorite toppings.  These pineapple salsa chicken rice bowls are only 5 ingredients and the slow cooker does all the work! This is one of our favorite dinners. I love to put the taco toppings in bowls and then lay everything out on the table and serve buffet style. Start with … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Creamy White Chicken Corn Chili

Let the slow cooker do all the work for you so you can come home and enjoy a warm bowl of this creamy white chicken corn chili for dinner! Serve with sour cream, shredded cheese, and tortilla chips. So creamy, hearty, and full of delicious flavors & spice. I already have this White Chicken Chili on the blog and it's one of our favorites! I love this version equally because it cooks in the slow cooker (hello! easy dinner), the chicken gets super tender and falls apart, and I love how thick & creamy it is (thanks to the cream cheese & heavy cream :) … [Read more...]

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

You can't go wrong with a giant chocolate chip cookie! A 12" chocolate chip cookie that is fun for a sweet treat, to celebrate any occasion, or even a non-cake birthday dessert. My kids request this for their birthday cake instead of cake! Today my daughter turns 5! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet little Ella. My kids love this giant chocolate chip cookie and actually request it for their "birthday cake". I love that it is so customizable too! I've used to celebrate the first day of school, celebrate birthdays, Holidays, and just for a sweet treat that we all need once in a … [Read more...]

Brownie Banana Bread

Brownie Banana Bread starts with a brownie mix and is so moist and will cure any chocolate craving! Only 5 ingredients!

Soft, moist, and fudgey banana bread made super easy with a brownie mix! This brownie banana bread is only 5 ingredients and will fix any chocolate craving. Heyyyy! Sorry for the week long break I took from posting. Social media and online stuff has been so negative and stressful from all this election stuff happening, so I decided to take a break for awhile and hopefully let it run it's course. Plus, our baby is due (planned c-section) on Tuesday, so in the interest of not going into labor early I thought it was best to avoid all the politics & negative stuff … [Read more...]